Client Testimonials

In the event of a claim, Natcorp is committed to ensuring that our clients’ focus on their health and wellbeing whilst we deal directly with insurers and make sure that the best possible outcome is received. We understand that during difficult periods of illness or injury, individuals, families and business do not need the added stress of organising and managing claims paperwork, and so we at Natcorp are here to support our clients during these times.




Gary, Trauma Claim

“Through Manni’s advice and Natcorp’s management of my claim, I received a trauma payment that gave me piece of mind during this period of unforeseen illness. As a result of Natcorp’s management, my family does not have the additional pressures associated with financial insecurity.

Natcorp dealt with my claim with a commendable level of professionalism and empathy and Manni ensured that I didn’t have to worry throughout the entire process. Manni and the Natcorp staff took care of everything and I am grateful for their assistance in a time of intense stress for myself and my family”.


Robin, Trauma and Income Protection Claim

“From the moment of diagnosis, Manni and the Natcorp team were a great support. As well as a lump sum payment that allowed me to reduce debt and ease our overall financial burden, Natcorp organised the income protection claim from which I now receive regular payments to cover income loss as I am unable to work. Due to the proficient and caring management of my claim by Natcorp , I am able to focus on my health and family without worrying about how to pay the bills”.


Karen, Trauma Claim

“As part of Natcorp’s extensive review process, Manni unearthed my eligibility for a trauma payment for a medical condition dating back over 10 years- as well as a refund on premiums from the date of diagnosis! If it wasn’t for Manni’s care for his clients and comprehensive reviews, I would not have received this payment that has granted me a level of financial security that I would not have otherwise enjoyed”.