Retirement & Estate Planning

Retirement and Estate Planning

We at Natcorp are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals, during both the wealth accumulation phase of life and during retirement. Retirement Planning is particularly important in the provision for your and your family’s security during your later years, and ensuring your financial comfort when you are no longer working.


In our view, the earlier you start planning for your retirement the better and having a long-term plan in place is a great piece of mind for both yourself and any family you may have that you will be financially secure in your declining years.


Retirement Planning can include management of your superannuation, looking at options for retirement income streams and choices for investment, assessment of your assets and their worth, application for the Age Pension and more.


Estate Planning is essential in making sure that your money and assets are inherited and received by those people that you wish to receive them, as well as  minimising the tax implication for your beneficiaries upon your death.


Having an up-to-date, properly drawn-up will that correctly represents your wants and wishes, can save family members and friends a significant amount of trouble and pain during their time of grief and loss and length proceedings to sort out your affairs once you are gone.


We strongly advise that clients seek the services of an experienced solicitor in the creation of a will, and have a strong referral relationship with industry professionals to ensure that our clients receive professional and extensive advice. Other things to think about in relation to Estate Planning, external from the creation of your will, are the submission of a binding nomination for your superannuation fund (where application- this is not offered in every circumstance), the nomination of Powers of Attorney (Medical and Financial) and the consideration of whether a Testamentary Trust would be appropriate for you and your family.